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“When Diet and Exercise Fail...”

(Feature Interview With Windsor-Tecumseh Naturopath Dr. Karlo Mauro, N.D.)dr_mauro_naturopath_naturopathic_doctor

"When eating right and moving your body doesn't improve your health, you can take Drug X." So say the big pharmaceutical companies. Yet, exercise and diet rarely fail, when applied.
"You'll also reap many more immediate benefits than merely preventing disease. Your energy goes up. Depression vanishes. Libido rises. Eyesight improves. Brain power increases. The list is endless — almost as endless as the list of diseases that plague modern life.

But big businesses can't sell you exercise and diet. It's impossible.So it's not highly encouraged in our society.There's always more money in sick people.That's why 1 out of 2 North Americans will fall prey to cancer... why children are developing type II diabetes, for the first time in history... why someone dies from a heart attack or stroke every 49 seconds. “Drugs and surgery all come with side effects. Sometimes cutting you open or relying on pharmaceutical drugs is the only solution.”

"But oftentimes they're not."

That was Naturopath Doctor Karlo Mauro's response when I asked him whether conventional meds fit into his view of natural health.

I had just arrived at his Naturopathic clinic in Tecumseh—a little town on Lake St. Clair just east of Windsor, Ontario.

I was here for a tour of the clinic and an interview with the Naturopathic Doctor.

A Safer Healthcare “Totem Pole” From Europe and Asia...

"Listen, the North American way isn't the European or Asian way..." Dr. Mauro begins as we walk from the waiting room to his office.
"If you have a heart problem, for example, in Italy or Austria, they'll start by adjusting your diet. They'll look at your stress levels. They’ll probably advise you to be more active.

 "If this doesn't work, THEN they'll prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathic remedies, massage, and other gentler, natural treatments.

 "If that doesn't prove enough, then more intense treatments like, herbs and acupuncture come into play.

"If AFTER all these natural and safer methods of treatment have proven ineffective, then—and only then—they turn to drugs, and then if absolutely necessary, surgery."

Save The Drugs and Scalpels For Last

That's the totem pole that Dr. Mauro believes in.
Because Dr. Mauro is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor—not just an "herbalist" or "homeopath,"   or "nutritionist"—he can help you identify when you need more invasive treatments (like pharmaceutical drugs), and when natural medicines will be enough.

"Look," as he leads me into his sage green office. "If you have a heart attack and wake up in the emergency room, it's too late to start eating your broccoli.

Waking Up With Paddles On Your Chest And
Masked Faces Staring Down

"At this point, you probably need surgery and medication, just to keep your heart beating. So you take that route for the moment, and continue with natural therapies, to help heal your heart and rebalance your body."

"The problem," I cut in, "is that North American culture tends to reach for the suppressants first. Is that right?"

"That's right," says the Naturopath as he brings us into his acupuncture room. "There's two big problems with that, in my opinion:

"First, symptoms are essentially your body telling you: SOMETHING IS WRONG.

"If you turn off those warning signs by popping a pill it will continue to get worse, until neither herb nor drug can save the day."

He pauses to wash his hands in a sink before peeling back the wrapper on some new acupuncture needles.
"Unlike food and herbs and plants, which are easily assimilated in the human body, pharmaceutical medications are totally synthetic. It takes scientists YEARS to determine the long-term side-effects of these drugs."

"Drugs tend to do one job very well—causing
havoc in the process.”

"Having a disease is like having a war going on inside your body. Sending in the drugs is like dropping a bomb. It may help get rid of your immediate problem but ends up causing other long term issues as a result.

"Radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer is a perfect example. Kills the cancer cells, but also kills the healthy cells."

Dr. Mauro then showed me his acupuncture table.

"Like I said," he explains, "sometimes they need more help or faster results than vitamins, herbs, homeopathics and diet can offer.
"Sometimes surgery is necessary. Especially if you don't have time to heal naturally. But surgery comes with a price. It always involves rehab. You're essentially being drugged, and then cut open with a knife. That's a traumatic experience. Something you should want to avoid."

That's why Dr. Mauro uses acupuncture as one method of treatment. Instead of slicing and dicing, he just pricks the skin.

Many MDs Claim Acupuncture is Unscientific

"Sure," responds Dr. Mauro, "no one has completed any 5 million dollar double-blind studies to prove or disprove acupuncture. But I have done acupuncture on patients who were in such pain they couldn't walk ten minutes without taking pain meds. Same patients are now doing yoga several times a week—drug free."

That sums up Dr. Mauro's philosophy: Drugs are good to keep unbearable or life-threatening symptoms under wraps. But at the same time you need to remove the cause.

Next, we headed back into the hallway, where I asked Dr. Mauro why North Americans tend to resort to the riskier and invasive treatments first? That made him stop walking, and pause. I could tell he was weighing his words very carefully...

Herbs and Vitamins Versus the TRILLION Dollar Drug Industry

"Well, there's a lot of money in pharmaceuticals. In fact, it's the biggest industry in the world. Last year, gross sales from just ONE drug, Lipitor™, totaled $11 billion. Not 11 MILLion but 11 BILLion!!

"You see," he continues, "you can patent drugs. However, herbs and vitamins are commodities. It's hard to make big profits on them. It's like pop versus juice... Anybody can sell apple juice, but only one company can sell Coca-Cola."

In other words, it's not just about saving lives, it's about making money.

"I can't agree," says Dr. Mauro, "when a doctor prescribes Paxil™ for depression in a 2 minute appointment. Maybe, if the patient is severely depressed and suicidal, it makes sense.

"But for the majority of the cases, a better diet, an exercise program, counseling, more time with family, natural remedies to balance hormones... would be far more helpful."

WARNING:  Supplements Can Be Harmful To Your Wallet

We then moved into Dr. Mauro's "apothecary corner" where he offers select natural supplements.

"There are plenty of people taking supplements they don't need," says the Naturopath.

In fact, he explained that some new patients come to him with a suitcase of 20 or more unnecessary supplements. Thousands of dollars a year!
Some people feel if they go to a Naturopath they'll just end up having to spend more money on supplements. But with Dr. Mauro, they'll probably end up saving.

We moved back into the waiting room, where the doors will open at 10:00am with a day load of people from Essex County and beyond seeking a safer way to get and STAY healthy.

Multiple Concerns Per Visit, Please

On the wall you'll see no sign that dictates "One Concern Per Visit" as is common in OHIP-restricted medical offices.

"That would go against my holistic thinking," says Dr. Mauro. "If you have a rash on your hands and constipation in your gut, they may be linked. In fact, the rash and the constipation may just be the symptoms for something ELSE that's happening.

"If we deal with that 'something else,' then these other problems may go away. I'm here to help people permanently remove the roots of disease—and to do it in a way that doesn't cause other trouble."

I'm Not Into Scaring People Into Getting Healthy...

"There are things you need to be aware of, but it can get downright stressful and unhealthy if all you are bombarded with are headlines like... This Cancer Drug CAUSES Cancer, Colon Cancer is on the Rise, Is Your Cooking Ware Killing You?

"Now keep in mind, all ‘fear’ isn't all bad. Cautionary fear is what keeps us from doing crazy stunts with our cars, sticking our hands in fires and living off fast food three times a day.

"Sadly, humans are often more motivated by avoidance of pain, than gaining a benefit.

"Still, it can also get overwhelming. Puts you into that ‘flight-or-fight’ mode that's made stress the number one cause of health problems.

"Yes, we do need to be warned and made aware of health risks that the government and medical paradigm are not protecting us from (and, in some cases, creating).

"Nonetheless, you need to do your BEST to stay healthy. Any more than your best is impossible.

"And becoming afraid of toxins, drugs, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMO foods, MSG, white sugar, etc. only increases your health risk. The better route is to make common sense adjustments to your lifestyle when possible, and then forget about it. Find an eating plan that works for you and forget about it! "

Dr. Mauro’s Top 10 "Secrets" to Abundant Health

"If you're doing the following each day, your chances of living a long and healthy life are far, far greater than most people:

  1. Exercising every day.
  2. Drinking 8 glasses of water every day.
  3. Getting enough sleep.
  4. Eating natural foods 90% of the time.
  5. Having time (other than sleep) for R&R.
  6. Walking every day.
  7. Deep breathing in the fresh air.
  8. Getting sunshine each day (plus taking extra vitamin D)
  9. Keep your mind stimulated with good books and ideas.
  10. Only use drugs and surgery when all else fails.

"All of the items I listed above are more or less free for the taking. Yet most people aren't taking advantage of them. And that's the number one reason, I feel, that 50% of the population gets cancer. That's why heart attacks and strokes are the number one killer. "

The Only Secret to Abundant Health

"There's no magic pill that's going to make you invulnerable to disease. The only secret is that you have to keep up with the above list. And to keep up with that, amidst all the negative influences of modern society, you need a natural health ‘coach’ to help guide and encourage you through your journey.

"So much suffering is going on because people have been brainwashed into doing things that are harmful to their health, yet profitable to big businesses. I'm just a little voice, reaching out to a few people, trying to show a healthier, better way."

Yours In Natural Health,


Karlo Mauro, BSc, BA, MSEd, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

P.S. If you have a question for me or you have a health concern that you're not sure Naturopathic Medicine can help you with, feel free to email me directly (theNaturopath@gmail.com) and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Naturopath Dr. Karlo Mauro

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