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Common Conditions Treated by Dr. Karlo Mauro, ND

In my 23 years of experience, I’ve successfully helped thousands of patients with a wide range of conditions and symptoms using naturopathic medicine. Here are the most common ones I typically see…

Stress & Fatigue – If you’re like most of my new patients I spoke with this week, you’re living a very stressful life and have zero energy. Whether it’s moderate stress (e.g., just busy with work, driving kids to their different activities, etc.) or severe stress (e.g., you hate your job, going through a divorce, death of a family member, your kids are having trouble at school, you’re the caretaker of a relative, etc.), the effects on your body are the same. It’s constantly in “flight-or-fight” mode and it’s draining your energy day by day. If you don’t support your body’s response to the stress, you’ll eventually “burn out.” Contact me directly by filling out the form below to see if naturopathic medicine can help your particular stressful situation. Mind you, I cannot get rid of your job or kids (lol) but I can help your body respond to the stress more appropriately.

Weight Loss – Over 85% of my patients are female and many of them want to shed a few pounds. I can’t guarantee that you’ll lose 30lbs overnight but if you follow my naturopathic treatment plan, I’m certain you’ll be on your way to your ideal weight. It takes patience but at least the weight will stay off. I’m interested in you achieving long term weight loss, not instant weight loss eventually followed by weight gain (with interest!). Managing your weight will help prevent diabetes plus a host of other complications the rest of your life. Contact me directly by filling out the form below so we can talk about your weight loss goals and how I can be part of your health team using naturopathic medicine.

GERD (Acid Reflux) – More and more people are being diagnosed with gastro-esophageal reflux disease (AKA acid reflux) and then put on acid blockers, i.e., PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors). These PPI’s do a great job stopping your stomach from producing acid… which is what you want if you have severe inflammation or ulcers in your esophagus/stomach. However, they’re meant to be taken for 3 to 6 months only. As you stop the acid, the body should heal itself and then you’re supposed to let the acid be produced again. Taking them for an extended period of time for a bit of GERD will compromise your lower GI tract which could be worse than the GERD itself. Contact me directly by filling out the form below we can talk about the 3 major reasons you don’t want to be on PPI’s long term and how naturopathic medicine can help you.


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) – Every week somebody comes in with symptoms of frequent loose stools (or alternating diarrhea with constipation), gas and bloating. Their life is disrupted because they’re constantly worrying about where the nearest bathroom is. Some are formerly diagnosed with IBS while others self diagnose. Remember, IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion. Meaning, once they see a normal colonoscopy/barium enema, they’ll tell you that you have an irritable gut and send you home with a PPI and an anti-spasmodic. Once again, may work short term but not a good long term option. I have a lot of success treating IBS using naturopathic medicine. And it’s a lot more than just switching to lactose-free milk (which isn’t necessarily the best thing). There are so many simple options for you that your doctor either doesn’t know or doesn’t have the time to explain to you. Contact me directly by filling out the form below find out what I can do to help calm down your gut and normalize your bowel movements.

Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis (IBD – Inflammatory Bowel Disease) – IBD shouldn’t be confused with IBS. Similar to IBS, people with Crohn’s/Colitis have frequent, urgent stools. However, they are often bloody with mucous. Also with IBD, there are visible changes to the colon/small intestine which can be seen during a colonoscopy and/or barium enema. IBD is more serious and can result in many health complications. Pharmaceutical treatment options (e.g., 5-ASA, Immunomodulators, Biologics) have a lot of serious side effects if taken long term. However, there are many naturopathic options for IBD. I’ve helped a lot of my patients go into “remission” for many months/years without having to take their pharmaceutical meds. Contact me directly by filling out the form below and I’ll tell you how I can help heal your gut naturally.

Anxiety & Depression – Many of my new patients have some level of anxiety and depression. Sometimes, it’s situational, e.g., a death in the family, loss of job, divorce, etc. Sometimes, it just comes for no reason. The pharmaceutical treatments were originally designed to help the patient get over their stress for 3 to 6 months and then get off the meds. Unfortunately, many people are taking these medications (e.g., SSRI’s) long-term. Some of them truly need to while others think they need it and use it as a crutch. Some people come in and want to try something safer and more natural before trying the potent pharmaceuticals. Some people are trying to get off their meds and need support with natural medicine because the side effects of getting off are worse than the original symptoms they went on it for in the first place. Regardless, there are many naturopathic options that you should know about. Contact me directly by filling out the form below tell my your scenario and I’ll let you know if I think I can help you.

Allergies & Eczema – I grouped these together because there’s a similar physiological explanation for them. The immune system is hyper-sensitive and over reacting to allergens. Instead of sending you for costly allergy tests and searching for the one main culprit (there are often many things you’re reacting to), I focus on changing the way your immune system responds to allergens. You need to get your immune system working in a more balanced state. Then you’ll see your skin improve and allergy symptoms disappear. Contact me directly by filling out the form below we can get started on your personalized naturopathic medicine treatment plan.

Weak Immune System (you catch a lot of bugs!) – Have you ever known somebody who seems to have no problem staying healthy through the whole fall/winter? If you know a person like this, it seems they never get sick, even when they’re repeatedly exposed to sickness. What’s the secret? It’s simple. Build a strong immune system so that the bugs can’t get in. And if they do get in, they won’t stay very long and cause a lot of problems. If your immune system is compromised or weak, then you could easily get very ill from the influenza viruses plus the other 200 viruses/bacteria that produce similar upper respiratory tract infections. If you have a strong and vital immune system, then you should be able to ward off illness with ease. There are dozens of naturopathic, effective ways to strengthen your immune system and reduce your chances of ever catching most upper respiratory tract infections in the first place. Contact me directly by filling out the form below let me know what’s been going on with your (or your child’s) immune health.


Menopause – Over 85% of my patients are female and most of them are between the ages of 45 and 55 going through some hormonal changes. Remember, it’s natural for your hormones to change during this time. Your ovaries will slowly decrease their production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. You can’t stop this process. Putting these hormones back into your body (even if they are “natural” hormones) isn’t a very natural thing to do. Instead, what you can do is help your other endocrine glands (i.e., thyroid, adrenals, pancreas) go through “the change” as smoothly and balanced as possible to minimize the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, weight gain, etc. Contact me directly by filling out the form below let’s start the path of getting your hormones more balanced using naturopathic medicine.

Detoxification – A lot of people come in wanting to do a “detox” and clean up their diet but are confused with all the “cleanses” that are out there. First of all, know that most of the supplements that are labelled “detox” or “cleanse” are full of laxatives. Making you have diarrhea isn’t necessarily a detox. A good detoxification program involves cleaning up your diet, i.e., eliminate the foods that are putting extra stress on your liver, intestines, kidneys, etc. but at the same time, it’s not a starvation diet. You should be eating a lot of the foods that support those detoxification organs. My 3-Week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan is a simple plan which teaches you better eating habits that will last you much longer than 21 days. Contact me directly by filling out the form below you want to know more information on my 3-Week Detox plan and if it can help you.

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