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3. Maintain Positive Momentum & Monitor

  • 30 minutes
  • Tecumseh Road East

Service Description

The 3rd appointment is typically booked around a month or two later, so we can make sure things are going as planned, keep you accountable and make any necessary changes to your plan. Once you are on the right path, you won’t need to talk to me as regularly. Typically, we’ll have one or two formal appointments per year to keep you on track. Since I’m part of your health building team, if you need to talk to me about anything new that comes up then we’ll have an appointment. For example, if something comes up with your blood tests in the future, you can get a copy and I’ll go over them in detail with you. Remember, just because your MD tells you that your blood tests are “fine” it doesn’t mean that they are vibrant and healthy. I like to bring my patients’ levels into the “optimal” range, not just the “barely normal” range. This is a more proactive way of caring for your health rather than the typical reactive, patch-up-your-symptoms medical model. For example, your blood glucose levels may have been "normal" every year but then this year they tell you that you are pre-diabetic. Then you’ll ask your doctor “How in the world did this happen in one year?” The correct answer is it didn't happen in one year. It's been gradually happening over the past 5 to 15 years. Please understand that pre-diabetes isn't a destination you reach. It's a continuum. On one end of the spectrum is someone who is just becoming insulin resistant, and the other end of the spectrum is full blown type 2 diabetes. It’s just a gradation along the spectrum that goes unnoticed if it’s not tracked properly with the correct testing and proper frequency.

Contact Details

  • 11811 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8N 4M7, Canada


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