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Dr. Karlo Mauro, BSc, BA, MSEd, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

       Born and raised in Windsor, Dr. Mauro didn’t begin university studying Naturopathic Medicine. In fact, he wasn’t even aware of it at the time because there weren’t any ND’s in Windsor back in 1989. Instead, he finished his Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. “The human body” says Dr. Mauro, “is the ultimate mathematical formula in action. No supercomputer comes close to its complexity.” Dr. Mauro moved on to study the mind, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

       He was always recognized as a good listener and enjoyed helping people get through their difficulties. This, along with his love for learning led him to earning a Master of Science degree in Teacher Education. It seemed he would now enjoy a lifelong career as a high school biology and chemistry teacher, but that never happened.

       In 1992 Dr. Mauro began training in the martial art of Aikido Yoshinkai. Today he holds a 3rd degree black belt. “Aikido opened my eyes to living a more natural, harmonious lifestyle. Staying more balanced physically and mentally.” This led to his fascination with natural medicine. In 1995, while teaching high school Biology & Chemistry in London, Dr. Mauro started experiencing some digestive trouble, so he went to see a Naturopathic Doctor in London for the first time.  “I was surprised that the Naturopath had such thorough knowledge of western medicine as well as naturopathic medicine… he wasn’t just about herbs & vitamins. “I was also impressed by how much one-on-one attention he gave me. It was very different compared to the short visits typically found in an MD’s office. “Above all,” continues Dr. Mauro, “all the gastrointestinal troubles I had were resolved by the treatment plan he recommended.” 

Dr. Mauro went on to visit 6 other Naturopaths in the London area. Not as a patient with a problem, but as an inquiring student full of questions. “It didn’t take me long to realize,” he says,” that I wanted to become one of their colleagues.

       It came as a shock when I told my family I’d be spending another 4 years (and more money than I care to remember LOL) studying a profession they knew nothing about.” But Dr. Mauro’s wife stood by him: “Karlo is fascinated by natural living, by how the body works, loves helping people and has a knack for teaching. It seemed like he was destined to have an ND after his name.”

       However, destiny isn’t always so easy to fulfill. Dr. Mauro lived in St. Catharines during his schooling at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. His “walk to school” consisted of a 45 minute drive to Burlington, followed by 60 minutes on the Go Train to Union station, concluding with 20 minutes on Toronto’s subway line. That came to a minimal commute of 4 hours and 10 minutes, each day! How did he do it? “Perseverance, dedication, discipline,” says Dr. Mauro.” Nobody or nothing was going to stop me from accomplishing my goal. I was committed to my passion of becoming a Naturopath.” After 4 years, 4,500+ hours of schooling and 3,000+ hours of commuting, Dr. Mauro and his wife moved back to the Windsor area and set up his naturopathic clinic in Tecumseh.

       After 23 years of his naturopathic practice, Dr. Mauro says, “I am privileged and honored to have guided thousands of patients on their personal health  journeys helping them become more balanced, mentally and physically.”

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